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Please read carefully; by confirming an order with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.


“The Company” means FOR THE BOLD CUSTOMS or (where the context so admits) any other company which is a subsidiary of FOR THE BOLD CUSTOMS: “The Customer” means the person, firm, company, organisation or corporation purchasing the goods: “goods” means the articles or things (including work to be done or services to be supplied) or any of them described in the order: “order” means the order placed by the Customer for the supply of goods.


All estimates are made and all orders are accepted subject to the following terms and conditions and no addition thereto or variation therein shall be made or apply unless expressly agreed in writing by the Company and all other printed or standard conditions are hereby excluded.


All goods are sold subject to reasonable availability to the Company of materials. The Company reserves the right without notice to substitute materials, components and units other than those mentioned in the estimate or order. All drawings, particulars or weights and dimensions, and specifications issued by the Company are approximate only and do not form part of any contract.


Catalogues, specifications, brochures, price lists and all advertising matter are only an indication of the type of goods and services offered and no particulars therein shall be binding on the Company. All prices quoted therein are subject to alteration or withdrawal from time to time without notice.


Estimates are based on the Company’s current costs of production and materials, and unless otherwise agreed, are subject to amendment on or at any time after acceptance to meet any rise in such costs.


(a) The Company reserves the right to accept or refuse orders.

(b) Orders must be accompanied by sufficient information, copy, suitable drawings, illustrations, photographic originals or other necessary material to enable the Company to proceed with the order forthwith otherwise the Company will be at liberty to amend the quoted price to cover any increase in costs which take place after acceptance, due to those shortages.


All work carried out, whether experimentally or otherwise, at Customer’s request shall be charged.

8. COPY:

A charge may be made to cover any additional work involved where copy or other originals supplied is not clear and legible, or is in any other way unsuitable.


Customer’s property and all property supplied to the Company by or on behalf of the customer shall while it is in the possession of the Company or in transit to or from the customer shall be deemed to be at the customer’s risk unless otherwise agreed and the customer should insure accordingly. The Company shall be entitled to make a reasonable charge for the storage of any customer’s property left with the Company before receipt of the order or after notification to the customer of completion of the work.


(a) The Company may reject any garments, products or other materials supplied or specified by the customer which appear to be unsuitable. Additional cost incurred if materials are found to be unsuitable during production may be charged except that if the whole or any part of such additional cost could have been avoided but for unreasonable delay by the Company in ascertaining the unsuitability of the materials then that amount shall not be charged to the customer.

(b) Where materials are so supplied or specified, the Company will take every care to secure the best results, but responsibility will not be accepted for imperfect work caused by defects in or unsuitability of materials so supplied or specified.

(c) Quantities of materials supplied shall be adequate to cover normal spoilage.


Any times quoted for delivery are to be treated as estimates only and the Company shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for failure to deliver within such time.

(a) Delivery of work shall be accepted when tendered and thereupon or if earlier, on notification that the work has been completed, payments shall become due under Clause 19.

(b) Unless otherwise specified the price quoted is for delivery of the work to the customer’s address as set out in the estimate. A charge may be made to cover any extra costs involved for delivery to a different address.

(c) Should expedited delivery be agreed an extra may be charged to cover any overtime or any other additional costs involved.

(d) Should work be suspended at the request of or delayed through any fault of the customer for a period of 30 days the Company shall then be entitled to payment for work already carried out, materials specially ordered and other additional costs including storage.


For certain products exceeding a quantity of 1000 every endeavour will be made to deliver the correct quantity ordered, but estimates are conditional upon margins of 5 per cent being allowed for over’s or shortage, the same to be charged or deducted.


When the price quoted includes delivery, the Company will replace free of charge goods damaged or lost in transit provided the Company receives written notification, in the case of such damage or shortage within three days or receipt of goods, and in the case of such loss within seven days of the date of the invoice in respect of such goods.


The Company shall not be liable for any loss to the customer arising from delay in transit not caused by the Company.


Any conditions or warranties (whether express or implied by statute common law or arising from conduct or a previous course of dealing or trade custom or usage) as to the quality or fitness of the goods for any particular purpose are expressly negatived unless the customer has expressly made known to the Company the particular purpose for which the goods are required and the Company has expressly agreed that the goods will be fit for such purpose and in such case the customer shall in the course of its use of such goods take all reasonable precautions to check that the goods when in use are in fact fit for such purpose and shall immediately notify the Company within 3 days of discovering any apparent or alleged unfitness.


As For The Bold Customs creates on-off items returns are only authorised in certain circumstances. Each return case is dealt with on a case-by-case bases. If you would like to discuss an order you have placed with us please visit our contact us page. You can cancel your order within 14 days of placing it by simply contacting us. Note, any orders that have started are unable to be cancelled. Please contact us at your earliest if you wish to cancel your order.


(a) Unless otherwise stated all quoted prices are to be made up-front without delay online at the company website (

(b) A deposit of 50% deposit is required for all items over the value of £300.00 GBP. This is to be made in advance upon agreement with For The Bold Customs.


In the event of the stipulated date of payment being exceeded the Company shall, without prejudice to any other legal claims, be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 2% per month on the overdue amount and/or reserve the right to assign over the debt to a third party and be entitled to charge any associated costs of involving the third party without any reminder being required.


The goods shall remain the property of the Company until payment in full by the customer to the Company of the price of the goods and the relevant V.A.T. Until the property in the goods shall pass to the customer.


(a) The Company shall not be required to print any matter which in his opinion is or may be of an illegal or libellous nature or an infringement of the proprietary or other rights of any third party.

(b) The Company shall be indemnified by the customer in respect of any claims, costs and expenses arising out of any libellous matter or any infringement or copyright, patent, or of any other proprietary or personal rights contained in any material printed for the customer. The indemnity shall extend to any amounts paid on a lawyer’s advice in settlement of any claim.


The Company shall be under no liability if he shall be unable to carry out any provision of the contract for any reason beyond his control including (without limiting the foregoing) Act of God, legislation, war, fire, flood, drought, failure of power supply, lock-out, strike, global pandemic or other action taken by employees in contemplation or furtherance of a dispute or owing to any inability to procure materials required for the performance of the contract. During the continuance of such a contingency the contract and pay for work done and materials used, but subject thereto shall otherwise accept delivery when available.

22. LAW:

These conditions and all other express terms of the contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England.

(c) The customer shall indemnify the printer against any claim by any party resulting from the code or symbol not reading or not reading correctly for any reason, except to the extent that such claim arises from any failure of the printer to comply with paragraph (a) above which is not attributable to error falling within the tolerances generally accepted in the trade in relation to printing of this sort.


Garments and other product’s colours and sizes shown on the company’s website, catalogues or proofs are for guidance only and can vary.


(a) The customer’s ability to place orders on the Company’s website is via a unique username and password. It is for the Customer to ensure that only those authorised have access to that password. The Company accepts no liability for unauthorised use of that password by any third party. All orders placed with the Company via the website by the Customer will be considered properly authorised by the Customer and dealt with accordingly.

(b) Where the customer has authorised the company to produce products for purchase on the company’s website, the company accepts no liability for unauthorised purchase of the products by a third party.


Print quality can vary from product to product. We endeavour to get the print quality and colour consistent across all products but this is sometimes not possible due to the different print techniques required for each product. We advise getting printed samples of all product colourways and artwork to ensure you are happy before proceeding to full production.

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